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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2012

Too cool for preschool

Well, maybe not.   Went and met with the folks at the SE preschool for LJ.    They went over all the evaluation and paperwork and stuff then after an hour finally tell me he's accepted on multiple different areas.    He's not old enough for Kindergarten, but that may have worked out well.  In any other state he would be, but here he's 6 days too young and since he needs an IEP they won't let him in early, no matter what his IQ is.                  

I got to meet his teacher who was there for the meeting along with the speech therapist.   I excused the OT from being there, but she will be working with him as well.  He'll be going three days a week for a few hours a day and having speech and OT once each a week.   The ratio in the classroom will be 1 adult to 3 or 4 kids.   Right now there's a teacher, 2 aides, and he's the 4th student registered for next year.  More will likely be added, but it won't get to more than 12 in the class.      I had mentioned that weighted items and a squishy seat help him in therapies and one of the gals got up, got on the phone, and like that BAM! it was added to the paperwork and they're ordering them for him to have in class -- no cost to me.

I had Erick bring him in to meet them when we were done with all the evaluation discussion/paperwork/IEP things.    His teacher said she was looking forward to having him in her class because his level of intelligence and communication abilities will be a great asset to his peers.   It made me smile.   I can't say I remember anyone saying they WANTED him somewhere and that he'd be able to HELP others.  Usually it's him needing the help.   That was a pretty awesome feeling.  :)   He started telling her a story (a typical LJ rambling) and she was cracking up -- not a fake laugh a legitimate belly laugh.   I told her she would be entertained.  ;)   He's such a smart cookie I'm REALLY hoping we can start getting some of these other 'delays' back on track.

She said she's dealt with a lot of behavior issues over the years (she's older) and that she's confident she'll be able to work things out and help him.  I really hope so.  I declined transportation for him.   I can't imagine him on a bus... let alone 'the short bus' without any real care by his side.    I'm having a hard enough time accepting that he's going to school... I'd like to at least go and see him in and out every day and talk to his teacher.  

He could have started Monday, but there's only 6 school days left in the school year so I figured there's really no point to having him go for two weeks and then having to stop.   It'll be a whole new adventure in August!

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Friday, April 27, 2012


This better work.
I command it to provide relief.   
Needle, needle, in my knee,
Take the ouchie away from me.

Seriously... last time it helped so I'm putting this out into the universe "WORK AGAIN!"

I hope no one's too grossed out.   It's only a teeny needle, although this time I felt it much more than the last time.   The right side of my knee is totally numb, the left still has some feeling.  I got the weirdest look when I asked if he cared if I took pics.  LJ wanted to see it.  :) 


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